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Upcycled bags for life

Like many women, I have a bit of a thing for bags. I am however, very particular about my bags, not in a ‘They must be a posh label’ way, but in a more practical sense. Over the years I have found that what ever size bag I have, I fill it to the brim, all seemingly with the essentials, be it a tiny handbag or an oversized tote, I don’t seem to be able to carry a half empty bag!

I solved this problem by having a small-ish grown up leather shoulder bag (still full) with the essential purse, keys, phone, foldaway brolly -well it is the British summer! In addition to this I have a cloth bag which houses the things I need to take to work with me that day. This system seems to work quite well for me and prompted me to make a series of funky ‘bag for life’ type cloth bags using upcycled vintage fabrics.





I had a load of great vintage prints that would work really well, and I made sturdy shoulder length straps in calico. People love my Hepburn and Tushingham bags but sometimes don’t want to invest that much in a bag and don’t need one that’s lined and has leather straps etc.. With these upcycled bags for life you can still get a bit of Poppy Valentine vintage print without breaking the bank. Currently available instore (online soon) for £19.

Happy shopping!



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Molly Returns…..

Today I made some Molly bags for the first time in ages. The Molly bag was our very first bag, our very first product in fact, and in the right vintage fabric, it really summed up the fun, colourful nature of the brand. Some of you may remember our first shop, in the arcade off Portobello road, it’s stark white walls and bright lighting set the Molly bag off a treat.

It was especially popular amongst Japanese tourists, we got a lot of those in the Portobello shop. We did work with a Japanese agent for about 18 months who bought stock from us to sell in some of the department stores in Japan such as Isetan and Hanku

 Model Laura Bailey was a Portobello/Notting Hill local and she popped onto our stand at a trade show to admire the Molly bags

So today I found 3 of my favourite fabrics to pay homage to the faithful Molly bag, a stunning off-white barkcloth with printed red flowers

A gorgeous rose and leaf print in shades of soft blues and greens on cream barkcloth

And a classic early 50s furnishing fabric print of big fat pink roses and flashes of deep crimson on a taupe background

All 3 bags are available instore and online now




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