About Us

Love Of Vintage

The Poppy Valentine Vintage Range represents the beauty of authentic vintage fabrics. In our boutique/studio, each product is lovingly hand crafted and the fabric personally sourced.

We look for feminine florals of the 40’s, the abstract barkcloth prints of the 50’s, bohemian hippy chic of the 60’s and the psychedelic swirls of the 70’s. We’ve always loved British kitchen sink dramas from the 1960s and some of the style names are a tribute to the actresses of that era, along with iconic women from the past 60 years. The fabrics used are from our stock of vintage fabrics we’ve been collecting for over 20 years. We’re constantly scouring antique markets and clambering around in rolls of fabrics in thrift shops for new prints.

The “feel special” factor is created by the fact that every Poppy Valentine product is a limited edition, and quite often a one off.

Our love of the environment and British heritage is very important and for this reason Poppy Valentine products are designed and put together from fabrics which are truly original, beautiful and have their own special story.