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Upcycled bags for life

Like many women, I have a bit of a thing for bags. I am however, very particular about my bags, not in a ‘They must be a posh label’ way, but in a more practical sense. Over the years I have found that what ever size bag I have, I fill it to the brim, all seemingly with the essentials, be it a tiny handbag or an oversized tote, I don’t seem to be able to carry a half empty bag!

I solved this problem by having a small-ish grown up leather shoulder bag (still full) with the essential purse, keys, phone, foldaway brolly -well it is the British summer! In addition to this I have a cloth bag which houses the things I need to take to work with me that day. This system seems to work quite well for me and prompted me to make a series of funky ‘bag for life’ type cloth bags using upcycled vintage fabrics.





I had a load of great vintage prints that would work really well, and I made sturdy shoulder length straps in calico. People love my Hepburn and Tushingham bags but sometimes don’t want to invest that much in a bag and don’t need one that’s lined and has leather straps etc.. With these upcycled bags for life you can still get a bit of Poppy Valentine vintage print without breaking the bank. Currently available instore (online soon) for £19.

Happy shopping!